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Sharron Nixon


“C’mon join the Jayride” Well, not the exact words to the huge hit by Roxette back in the 90’s – that was joyride. But here, we’re going to be talking about Jayride. If you’ve been following our travels, you’ll remember that one of the keys to our successful world trip was planning ahead, which meant […]

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Singapore Airlines

Traveling on Singapore Airlines for me was a bit of a surprise – but an exciting one! You see, our itinerary had us booked on Air New Zealand for the complete journey from Auckland through to Dubai, with a stopover in Singapore along the way. It was well worth the stop, and would’ve still been […]

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What Travel Accessories?

Okay, I have to be honest here. Like most folks (I think?) embarking on an exciting journey, especially to a foreign country, I probably went overboard with what travel accessories I bought before we left. Don’t get me wrong; most of the things I bought were awesome and saved a lot of time and inconvenience, […]

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What Is The Best Airline?

I suppose it can only be expected after such a lengthy world trip that used around 12 different airlines, the inevitable question arises: What is the best airline? While there were some that absolutely stood out, the question really is quite subjective. It depends on what criteria you use to measure an airline’s performance. Not […]

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Air Tickets: International

When it comes to air tickets, international air tickets are just as easy to find as domestic tickets. The major challenge is “information overload” because the choice out there is huge! As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, my “go to” website is for planning. I’d have to say that there may be better […]

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“Rome2rio is an online multi modal transport search engine that launched in April 2011. … Users can input any address, town or landmark as the origin and destination and Rome2rio searches a database of flight, train, ferry, bus and driving routes to present route and price options for traveling to that destination.”   That is […]

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