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“C’mon join the Jayride”

Well, not the exact words to the huge hit by Roxette back in the 90’s – that was joyride. But here, we’re going to be talking about Jayride.

If you’ve been following our travels, you’ll remember that one of the keys to our successful world trip was planning ahead, which meant essentially, paying up front. Jayride was one of the big pieces of the puzzle, because I was able to book all our airport transfers in one place.

Now you may think you would prefer to grab a taxi, or pay as you go, or worry about it when you get there. I can understand that, but please, here me out.

The benefits of having your airport transfers organized beforehand are huge. Let me tell you just a few of them.


Traveling to a foreign country is exciting, but you also have no idea what you’re going to face. I remember a few years back when my hubby and I went to Vegas. I needed to use the Ladies room, so he said he would wait for me at the baggage claim area.

Good plan, I thought.

Until I tried to find the baggage claim area. Not only was it not in the same building, but you had to catch a monorail-type shuttle to the baggage claim area. Once you got arrived, there were oodles of carousels! If I’d been left to my own devices, there’s no way I would’ve found him! Luckily, the TV monitors showed which flights were dropping their baggage at which carousel, so I eventually found him – but not without a fright!

If you’ve traveled to that airport before, your confidence level will be ok to maybe leave finding transportation until you get there, but the peace of mind it gives you knowing that someone is actually going to find YOU rather than the other way around goes a long way toward your safety and security.


Knowing that you’ve booked with a reliable company with a really good reputation means you never have to worry about that question!

Our first airport transfer in Singapore had to be canceled because of the last minute disaster I explained here, but I’m sure someone up there was smiling on us, as with the change of accommodation, we found an AirBnB owner who – as part of the service – supplied airport pick up! So this was an example of pure luck. We felt very safe and secure traveling with the owner, as of course we had all his details already, and he had a reputation to uphold.

And when we got to Paris, I had worked out that public transport was the way to go – on the computer screen, it looked really easy. I hadn’t banked on being tired, hungry and having to fight our way through squillions of people who were moving in such a way that they ALL knew where they were going, and they were going there fast!


I guess for those reasons, I let my guard down. We decided we would catch a taxi – despite our accommodation being quite a way out of town, but when you’re feeling vulnerable, you do these things, don’t you?

We made our way out to the footpath, only to be confronted with wind, rain and lots and lots of guys trying to talk people into hiring them for transport. As I said, I let my guard down and got persuaded by a “really nice guy” with the gift of the gab. He gave us a price, which in hindsight was exorbitant, but in our weakened state we thought door to door would be our best bet.

The warning bells should’ve rung loud and clear when he led us away from the train station. I remember walking past the rows and rows of taxis and thinking “have we done the right thing here?”. Our zealous driver assured us that his prices would be cheaper than a taxi, and then added the age-old comedy line: “I know a shortcut”. Just shows us how tired we really were; under normal circumstances, we would never have followed him!


It’s not until we’d been traveling for a while that the realization hit me that there were no taxi markings on the vehicle. No ID. No meter. Zilch. Nada. It’s then we realized that this was one of those people that we’d been warned about. They hang around at the airports and train stations, offering rides to strangers at seemingly much cheaper rates.

The guy that had sweet-talked us into engaging his services wasn’t actually the driver. And it turns out, the driver did not speak or understand English. But there wasn’t much we could do about it, except hope that we would reach our destination, and in one piece!

Yes, we were lucky, but I’m not sure it was worth the stress., and I was very grateful that Jayride had been pre-organized for most of our trip.


This has got to be one of the biggest advantages of using Jayride. Knowing that all I had to do when we arrived somewhere is make a quick phone call. The majority of the time, we were either met at baggage claim (when arriving at an airport) or a very easily found meeting point. The drivers were very personable, and went out of their way to help.

For example, my father – who has difficulty walking long distances – was accommodated very well. If the driver had to park some distance from the terminal, they would go and get their vehicle and pull up right outside the door, meaning my father didn’t have to walk far at all.

The drivers were smartly dressed and chatty, giving us little tidbits of information that showed the pride they had of their city. They had recommendations that were very much appreciated, and gave us inside information to make our visit more enjoyable. The vehicles were exceptional, and there was no hesitation in assisting us with our luggage.

Probably the best thing of all was being able to book and pay for all our transfers before we left home, and receiving email confirmation immediately, meaning we no longer had to worry about that part of our organization. Yes, you probably could find transport on the spot, and it could well be cheaper, but when you’re planning such a mammoth trip, the more you can rely on pre-booking, the less stress you have.

So make sure you check out Jayride and see if they could fit into your travel plans.



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