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What Things To Do In Singapore

What Things To Do In Singapore

Ok, I’ve got to be honest here. Singapore was NOT on any of our bucket lists, and after a disaster happened 2 days before we left home, I was left with even less planned than I had originally.

Don’t worry, the disaster wasn’t life threatening or anything like that, but figuring out what things to do in Singapore was the least of my worries! You see, originally I had planned to stay in a hotel in Singapore, but while doing my research, I found that the prices were very expensive. This was just after I’d found Air BNB, so I thought I would try them. As I found with many places around the world, the Air BNB’s were a lot cheaper, and the further out from the city you went, the cheaper it got.


I found an amazing apartment in a place called Johor Bahru. Yes, I know it’s not in Singapore, but the price was hard to believe, and I figured it was an easy way to add another country to our itinerary. After a bit more researching, it was going to be easy to get from Johor Bahru in Malaysia to Singapore…. and I mean, look at this place!

And inside was just as impressive…..

From the lavishness of the living area….

To the most modern up-to-date kitchen, the place was just dreamy. And the price? USD$97 per night!

But alas, it turned out that this really was too good to be true. The host contacted me 2 days prior to our stay to say that he was being flown to Europe for an operation following an accident while he was on holiday, so he had to cancel our booking. And yes, that sent me into quite a tailspin! Because I’d booked everything from airport transfers to activities, I had to cancel everything and start again – just 2 days out from departure!

But they say when one door closes another one opens, and I couldn’t believe my luck – I found another Air BNB, but this time in the heart of Singapore. Admittedly, it was nowhere where near the luxury of what we’d originally booked, but as they also say, beggars can’t be choosers, and at that stage, it was a matter of just getting anything rather than being picky. I’d also had to cancel a private tour that was booked, and with so little time, it was almost like throwing a dart and just see where it lands.


Why not check out AirBnB’s while you’re here?



I had already booked Hop On Hop Off tickets with Big Bus in several other cities around the world, so I figured I would add Singapore to my Big Bus list. There may be better options out there, but honestly, the Big Bus took us everywhere we wanted to go, with really convenient stops and a frequent timetable that allowed us to explore the beauty of Singapore but still feel secure that we had a way back.


There were a number of amazing stops on the Hop On Hop Off route, but a couple of them really stood out. We decided to visit the very top of the cruise ship shaped hotel, the Marina Bay Sands….. Wow!

The hotel itself just oozed luxury, and judging by the throngs of people there, it was a very popular place to visit. Not sure there were many of those milling around that were staying there – a night at the Marina Bay Sands will set you back a cool USD$300 – $500 per night!

One thing I thought was pretty strange though. To go up to the viewing deck at Skypark on Floor 57, there is an entry charge of SG$23 for adults, SG$20 for seniors and SG$17 for children aged 2 to 12 years. This equates to around USD$17 for adults. We sent hubby up with the tablet to take some pics while my parents and I took a chance to sit in the foyer with our mouths wide open, taking in the luxury before us.




By canceling our private tour and staying in the heart of Singapore, we saved a lot of money on travel expenses. Taxis in Singapore are really cheap, but not so much when your ride from Changi Airport to Johor Bahru was just over half an hour.

On impulse, we decided to splurge…. and boy, it was one of the highlights of the whole trip that will never be forgotten.


What an amazing way to explore Singapore’s Chinatown district – a 4-hour evening trishaw, riverboat and walking tour! We drank in the nighttime street theater, learning about its history and visiting the captivating Night Market. Following our tour guide, we ducked and weaved through alleyways and brightly colored stalls until we couldn’t work out exactly where we were going. Then, we made our way to the back of a shop, peering up a seemingly endless stairway. Climbing to the top, it was hard to believe we found an incredibly popular Chinese restaurant – and its got to be one of Singapore’s best kept secrets!


Serving simple fare, the food was delicious. As a group we were spread over several tables and shared platters of Chinese delicacies as we made new friends who all had awesome vacation stories to tell.

The dinner would have been enough to give this activity a massive thumbs up from us, but the best was yet to come! After dinner, we made our way to another area, where there seemed like at least 50 trishaws all lined up with friendly looking drivers – ready and raring to go.

We all boarded the trishaws – but nowhere one could’ve predicted the whirlwind, laugh-a-minute, exhilarating ride that we had as we weaved precariously through the traffic and smiling bystanders. My parents (in their 80’s) said that they felt like teenagers again – and the look on their faces reflected that. The wind whooshing past us was very welcomed on the hot, sweltering night, and it was awesome to learn that laughter is a universal language.


Here’s a couple of short videos to give you an idea of our whirlwind trishaw ride…..



After the trishaw ride, it was time to calm things down a bit and we boarded a quaint little “bum boat” for a relaxing, tranquil ride down the Singapore River, taking in the incredible Singapore illuminated skyline.

This really was an amazing tour – we couldn’t fault it. And starting from USD$74.00, you can’t do much better. If you would like to check out the details and further information, you can click here for Singapore’s Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour – I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

These are just a couple of things that we did in Singapore, but remember, we did not have a lot of time there. If you’re looking for what things to do in Singapore, I’m sure there is plenty in this magical city. But for us, it will just have to wait until next time.

2 thoughts on “What Things To Do In Singapore

  • What thing to do in Singapore started in Johor Bahru
    Because of cheaper rates compared to Singapore, but in
    Jahor the journey started great with a dreamy apartment
    at a cheap price and had a tailspin which turned
    out even better in the heart of Singapore which was your
    destination in the first place.
    In short, I really enjoyed reading your post and felt
    as if I was actually there with you all as I had to say a wow when I saw the cruise ship hotel.
    My comment would be too long to explain how I felt reading your post all I can say it was enjoyable
    and I hope I’ll be able to visit sometime through your site.

    • Thanks Roderick, Yes, I really have to admit Singapore was a bit of an unknown entity – seeing as we hadn’t chosen that as part of our bucket list anyway. But it created some fabulous memories that we will never forget. I so hope you will be able to visit sometime – it’s worth it!

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