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What Travel Accessories?

What Travel Accessories?

Okay, I have to be honest here. Like most folks (I think?) embarking on an exciting journey, especially to a foreign country, I probably went overboard with what travel accessories I bought before we left.

Don’t get me wrong; most of the things I bought were awesome and saved a lot of time and inconvenience, but there were some things I bought that were not used at all, despite me thinking at the time that they were a good idea.

So let’s take a look at some of the really valuable things I bought. I’ll give you an idea of why they were valuable, and also where you can get them if you want to.


I thought these were a great idea at the time because they gave just a bit more security to our luggage. Traveling on many different modes of transport, we knew that secure luggage was a must. Obviously the first consideration was with airlines, and sadly, some were a lot rougher than others. By the way, it made no difference at all what we’d paid for our tickets!

There was a bonus that we found very quickly – in fact, on our first flight! Our luggage was very easy to spot while standing at the baggage carousels, which hastened the process of claiming our baggage considerably.

There are so many different types of luggage straps available, but the ones I chose (yes, it was the pretty colors) were a very bright mix of rainbow colors and, would you believe, in all our travels, we only once saw 1 other set of luggage with the same luggage straps. Yes, if you put those fancy labels with your name and address details on them, that will also identify your luggage, but if you’re standing 4 deep at a baggage carousel with everyone impatiently wanting to get on their way, being able to spot your luggage the minute it comes through the door on to the conveyor belt is priceless.

These are the luggage straps that I bought:

You can get them from Ali Express really cheap, but it may take quite a while so don’t buy them here if your trip is in the near future. We found that it was best to allow 2 straps per suitcase to be on the safe side. If your trip is coming around real soon, the fastest and best bet would be Amazon. These links will take you to the exact pages.

Ali Express Rainbow Luggage Straps

Amazon Rainbow Luggage Straps


Yes, I’m sure you’re laughing….. it’s a neck pillow, right? Well yes, BUT……

I found ANOTHER use for them!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that on some of the long haul flights, the seats were incredibly uncomfortable – you can read more about that here if you like. But not if you blow up one of these beauties and sit on it! Yes, it’s not something I would’ve thought to do either, but if you think about it, it’s really quite logical. These don’t take up much room while deflated, making it easy to cart in your hand luggage, and they are self-inflatable. Much easier than carting a cushion to molly-coddle your aching behind.

The one I bought was from Ali Express – well, I bought 2 actually, because they are really good as a neck pillow too! We had quite a bit of time up our sleeves before our trip, so I was able to wait for a sometimes lengthy delivery from Ali Express. Alternatively, you can also get them on Amazon where you’ll pay a bit more, but the delivery is rapid. These links will take you directly to the pages:

Ali Express Neck Pillow & Fabulous Tushy Cushy

Amazon Neck Pillow And Fabulous Tushy Cushy


Okay, all you tall people out there can probably skip this bit, but if you’re short (like me), you will thank me for this!

I remember a few years ago traveling from Sydney to Melbourne (Australia) by train. It was an 11-hour overnight journey, but by the time we got to the NSW/Victoria border, the only reason I didn’t get out is because it was midnight. Plus the fact that midnight taxis are few and far between in Wooloomboolomburykywitz (nope, I’ll try again) Wodonga.

You see, the problem was that I was too short.

Now all you short people will know exactly what I’m talking about: The seat was too high and I couldn’t touch the floor.

What this means, is that my legs dangled from the seat and it didn’t take long before the circulation was cut off from just above my knees. What made matters worse was that the only way to alleviate it was to get up and walk around, and of course when you’ve had no circulation for a while, you can’t feel your legs! So trying to stand up would’ve looked funny to anyone else – well me too if I wasn’t so annoyed.


Kinda like a wobbly newborn foal……..

Anyway, that’s one thing that I remember thinking about when I was planning this trip. I knew that we had a lot of long flights, and a lot of long train journeys ahead of us, so I knew after the previous experience, I had to try to find something.

Enter, The Fabulous Slingy Thingy


Such a simple, unassuming thing – but it made the world of difference to my comfort. There are 2 types you can get, and the one pictured above is the one that I bought, although in hindsight, I would probably opt for this one instead:

Now I’m gonna get a bit personal here, but I’m one of those people that don’t like my feet touching while I sleep – I know, weird right? Anyway, the top picture (the one I bought) was still good, although when you relaxed and put any pressure on it, your feet tended to smush together, whereas the bottom picture, your 2 feet are separate. So that leave you to do anything you want with your feet individually, without having to have them cradled together.


The way it works is that you hang it from the seat in front of you (preferably), but you can also hang it from your own armrests if needed – it’s just a bit more difficult to get your feet into. The beauty of this I found was that while I was sitting upright, my feet were elevated and I didn’t have any problem with the seat cutting my circulation off. Then, when I wanted to sleep, I simply reclined my seat and moved the slingy thingy up to my calves, so effectively, you were almost lying down.


Once again, we had plenty of time before our trip, so I took advantage of the cheaper prices from Ali Express. You can check them out on Ali Express here.


If you’re short on time, you can also pick them up from Amazon, and they really aren’t too expensive considering the absolute bliss they give you. Check them out on Amazon Fabulous Slingy Thingy“>Amazon here.



There were a few other bits and pieces that I bought, but none stood out as much as these did. Among the other things I bought were:

* Soap sheets (a small canister of soap in the form of sheets). They’re a bit like the mouthwash strips you can buy, although they’re soap. Very handy to have – just add water.

* Vacuum bags. These looked like a good idea, and they are if you’re a shopaholic who doesn’t want to have to buy an extra suitcase. You just put your clothing inside, and use the pump to extract the air, thereby making a very compact package to fit more in your suitcase. Admittedly, I didn’t end up using mine. I bought another suitcase…….

* Duck feather puffer jackets – we never took ours off in the cooler climates. These were very light and came in their own storage bag that didn’t take up much room at all.

* Universal adapter/charger. We took several of these, and they were invaluable. Traveling to many different countries, we needed more than one adapter, so this universal one was ideal.

You can grab all these things from Ali Express if you’ve got the time to wait for delivery at the cheapest prices anywhere.

Check out Ali Express here.

Or, if you’re tight on time, Amazon“>check out Amazon here.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of what travel accessories could be handy. Do you have any that you can’t be without? Drop us a comment – we’d love to hear from you!


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